We recognize the role of corporate innovation strategy management in shaping a sustainable future.


Today, companies want to get maximum quality products and services at minimum cost.
Is it possible to reduce our costs as quality increases?
Is it possible to do the same job with less personnel?

These and similar questions are the main problem of every business and the improvements made due to the lack of a systematic solution return to their old state after a short period of time.

Lean management aims to eliminate inefficiencies by simplifying the business processes of enterprises by looking at the processes with the view that everything that the customer does not want to pay for is waste.

With this system, which is widely used by many businesses in the world and in Turkey, it is possible to produce the same product and service at a more affordable cost.


Today, despite some signs of tension in the global economy, the concept of operations management efficiency continues to be at the top of corporate agendas.

In retailing, which is one of the leading sectors investing in technology and innovation, supply chain management, optimization of merchandise variety and customer management systems are the most important factors that increase the profitability of companies.

Despite the intensity of competition, the sector tends to develop and grow rapidly with technology and strategic planning studies, which are the most important tools for the effective implementation of these factors.

In recent years, mergers, acquisitions and public offerings in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector, especially in the organized retail sector, have provided investors with vitality and opportunities in the sector.

These opportunities have forced the players in the current market to produce strategic business models in order to become a more competitive and sustainable structure and to review their way of doing business in line with a systematic plan.

In the sector where competition and the pace of change are so high, we desire to sign successful and exemplary projects with visionary retail companies that are thinking of building their future with our service quality understanding and experience.


Branding and Dissemination
Monitoring the Sector and Identifying Opportunities
Evaluating M&A Opportunities
Establishment of Training Activities
Measurement and Evaluation
International Academic Benchmarking
Horizontal and Vertical Integration
Education-Oriented Sustainable Institutional Structuring
Physical Facilities of Schools
Efficient Financial Structuring
Effective Customer Communication
Perception Management


Company organization according to the principle of on-site production
Sector-specific employment studies
Optimum efficiency in material and labor costs
Preparation of tender specifications
Development of financial instruments according to sector dynamics
Management of energy costs
Maturity and pricing strategies
Stock optimization studies
Efficiency studies in concrete batching plants


Cost Management
Menu Creation
Financial Modeling
Creating Organization Structure
Kitchen Setup
Making an Offer
Prescription Cost Analysis